A girl's guide to planning your pack for a camping trip

If your boyfriend or significant other has convinced you to go on a camping trip, and you are decidedly not the outdoors type, it's time to get smart about what you pack. Here are the essentials to keep you feeling your best when you are on your camping trip. A hiking bag If you don't have a hiking bag already, head into an army disposal store to get fitted. While you can always borrow one from your boyfriend, hiking bags need to be fitted and adjusted to heights and you may find that your partner's bags are very uncomfortable for you to carry for a long period if you are different heights.

Five Businesses You Can Run from A Caravan Trailer

You're plagued with wanderlust and want to explore the country, but you need a job to support you along the way. Luckily, there are many jobs you can take on the road, and with the right caravan trailer, you can essentially haul your business behind your caravan. Here are five businesses you can run from a caravan trailer Food Stand Whether you make the best waffles in the world, amazing chips or world-class hotdogs, you can easily pull a food trailer behind your caravan.